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New Mighty no. 9 trailer, beta ⊟

If you’re a backer of the Mighty no. 9 Kickstarter at a high enough tier, you’re eligible for a beta code. It’s PC only… 

But! Mighty Gunvolt isn’t PC-only, and all Mighty no. 9 backers will also get a code for that this week! They’re for 3DS, of course, and currently only North American codes are going out.

Anyway, we can all look at this trailer, and the game seems to be coming along really nicely. It looks like something that would definitely be my jam.

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I fixed it ~

Remember that long time ago I had a  deep obsession with sharks? Well, it’s back.

Here are 16 species that I didn’t draw the last time ~

Obviously these are not their sizes… love sharks ♥ ♥ ♥

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The reason I love video games

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Trakeena’s reaction towards BenDeLaCreme’s insect runway look.

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